NEW LuvUso baby hooded towel is Antibacterial, Hypoallergenic, Made of Organic Bamboo. Silky Soft to touch, REMARKABLE absorbing qualities. UNIQUE baby shower gift. You Will Enjoy LuvUso Bamboo Baby Towel Because It Will: * DRY YOUR BABY QUICK AND EASY - Just wrap your baby in LuvUso baby towel and your baby's skin will be dry right away! It absorbs 4x more water and 6x times faster than a regular cotton towel. * KEEP YOUR BABY'S SKIN SMOOTH AND HEALTHY - This AMAZING baby bathing towel is Antibacterial & Hypoallergenic. It is ideal for babies with skin rashes or baby eczema. * SPOIL YOUR BABY WITH LUXURIOUS FEEL - It is manufactured of the highest grade organic bamboo fibers. Both You and Your baby will LOVE feeling this LuvUso baby hooded towel so smooth and gentle on their skin. It is Thick and Absorbent enough to keep baby warm and HAPPY after bathing. * KEEP YOUR BABY EXCITED AFTER BATH - Its soft fabric and double-layered thickness provide soothing coziness and great comfort. * PERFECT BABY SHOWER/HOLIDAY GIFT - LuvUso Hooded Baby Towel comes packaged in Luxurious sliding box with a handle attached to the top. Both the towel and its box are wrapped in protective plastic with stickers securing it from accidental opening. It makes kids excited to be wrapped in the towel. The cute bear face is embroidered on the hood with bear ears sticking out. * NO-HASSLE MACHINE WASHABLE - It is strong and durable. Double-stitched edges. 3% spandex added to make it durable enough to be able to machine wash it in "gentle" mode and dry it in "low-heat cycle" mode * WATCH YOUR BABY GROWING FAST - the towel is large enough for up to 9 y.o. children. It is 35 by 35 inches. * UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Get this Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel RISK FREE * LIMITED TIME OFFER - HURRY! Offered at Bargain Price for Limited Time.